Loading Welcome Image...  Our studio is a street shop, preserving the old days of tattoo. We do any style for anybody who walks in our door. We like to be challenged by doing all styles of tattooing. We never know who's going to walk in our door or what they are going to want. Our styles are diverse, we enjoy tattooing flash off  the wall or a totally unique custom piece. Everyday it is a pleasure to start our tattoo machines and create a new tattoo, one that is as enjoyable for the artist as it is for the client. 
"To mark someone for life is a great responsibility that involves a deep understanding of the history and craft of tattooing, passed down to us by our teachers...Whoever marks a person is responsible for all whom he marks. This process is deeper than we wish to acknowledge. The tattooist initiates the ceremonial process with the person wanting the tattoo... And even though there are no drums beating or chanting, this is perhaps one of the oldest rituals on earth."

Mr. G

"Being a tattooed person is different from not being one. We become different in our own skins, and to the world around us. We are empowered... individual... We become walking, talking, pulsing, indelible art statements, and this requires a certain self confidence. We are no longer just Tom or Jane. We are the person with the butterfly on our shoulder or the man with a tiger on his bicep. It is an adventure and  socially interesting to be ... 'ART WITH A PULSE'." 



For more insight into our work, check us out in various tattoo magazines, most recently: SKIN & INK, MARCH 2007, Tattoo Planet JAN 98, Skin Art #50, Tattoo Review #53, Skin & Ink MARCH 98 and MORE TO COME...


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