Triangle Tattoo & Museum

Founded in 1986, it is one of only a few museums in the world dedicated to the display of tattoo artifacts.  Located in Fort Bragg, across from the Guest House Museum, the collection is fittingly housed in one of the town's original Victorian storefronts.  Triangle Tattoo & Museum is open 7 days a week from noon until 6 P.M. All ages are welcome.  Admission is free.  School and personal guided tours are given upon request.  Please call in advance.


Bring a cup of coffee and prepare to be bombarded with tattoo images that will dazzle your senses for hours.


You will see portraits of Maori in New Zealand with traditional "Moko" tattoos from the 1800's to the present.

Along the stairway is the American Patriotic Tattoo exhibit with traditional tattoo designs from WWI to the present.

There are exhibits from various cultures worldwide, and displays of the hand tools used in tattooing before the invention of the electric tattoo machine.

A showcase of electric tattooing machines, including traditional electromagnetic machines from around the world and prison style rotary machines.

Tattoos Without Consent is a disturbing exhibit about tattoos that were forced upon individuals.  For example, Germany during the Holocaust,  Russia, China and other countries that marked their criminals and captives, and sadistic pranksters who mark their victims during drunken escapades.

The Japanese Tattoo exhibit is a fascinating display of antique hand tattoo instruments, portraits of the tattoo masters and examples of their work.

Tattooing in the Circus Sideshow is another fascinating and colorful collection of designs, photographs, and the retired costumes of the last of the Living Circus Sideshow Sword Swallowers, Captain Don Leslie.

Lastly, The Women's Wall, an entire exhibit dedicated to portraits of tattooed women from different cultures and eras.


Video Taping and Photographing in the museum is prohibited and children must be accompanied by an adult. Thank You



Watch for the Triangle Tattoo Crew on the Discovery Channel!

Eleven segments of the documentary "Tattoo! Beauty, Art & Pain" were filmed at Triangle Tattoo & Museum.  The one hour program includes interviews shot in the studio and great close-up stills from many of the museum's current exhibits.

If you dig tattoos, you do not want to miss this documentary!

"Tattoo" will re-run in the near future.  Check your local listings.

"Visiting Triangle Tattoo was like panning for gold, and finding it.  Our Documentary crew went wild as we explored this treasure trove of tattoo history, lore and culture.  Madame Chinchilla and Mr. G have compiled a wonderful collection of tattoo art and artifacts, which by itself is well worth the trip to Fort Bragg.  But unlike a traditional museum, it is also an old-style, working tattoo parlor.  In a sense, the collection at Triangle Tattoo grows with each tattoo customer.  Long live Triangle Tattoo!"  Gregory M. Vogel, segment producer, "Tattoo!" ABC/Kane Productions 7/22/1998

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You can contact Madame Chinchilla or Mr. G at:

707-964-8814  or

356 B North Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437


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