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Welcome to our little associate bookstore! These books are in no particular order. Many of these books are part of our museum library and have helped us expand our understanding of tattooing. Others have helped us pass the long winter nights next to the woodstove on our cozy houseboat. Any books ordered through us are greatly appreciated as they help Triangle Tattoo Museum stay afloat. If you have any suggestions please let us know...Send email to:  
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 The Total Tattoo Book Very informative & answers many, if not all of your questions. Look for some pages about Triangle Tattoo.
Bodies of Subversion : A Secret History of Women and Tattoo In depth interviews and historical photos.Feminist approach towards tattooing makes interesting reading and possible controversy.
Japanese Tattoo Affordable coffee table book. Informative with quality photos. We've looked at this book hundreds of times.
Skin Shows : The Art of Tattoo All of Chris's books are required reading for the serious collector. His books are full of some the best photos on the subject of tattooing.His eye and personal involvement with the tattooist in their natural setting is unparalleled.
Skin Shows III : The Art of Tattoo  The books in Chris Wroblewski Skin Shows series are always amazing to read. He consistently provides an artistic new look at tattooing in each book.
Skin Shows IV Not only do the books the Skin Shows series contain Chris's powerful photographs they also include rare prints and short articles.
Tattoo : Pigments of Imagination Again! Chris Wroblewski!
Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos : A Social History of the Tattoo With Gangs, Sailors, and Street-Corner Punks, 1950-1965 (Haworth Series in Gay and Lesbian)   This book is written by a retired tattooist who lived the life in the  settings he vividly describes. A rare and in depth description of a bygone era of tattooing,also gives insight into the gay experience of the 50's.
Body Designs    A very useful artistic book by Phoenix & Arabeth. B&W drawings that inspire artists as well as tattoo collectors. 
 Henna (Mehndi) Bodyart Handbook Another Phoenix & Arabeth book that was hot at the L.A.convention .
The Father of American Tattooing : Franklin Paul Rogers The title says it all! If you're serious about tattooing and haven't read this book order it now!
The Hawaiian Tattoo I haven't read this one yet but it's on my list as a historically important title.
Art, Sex and Symbol : The Mystery of Tattooing This was one of the first books I read as an apprentice. If   you can find one, hang on to it, rare & more valuable everyday.
Heavily Tattooed Men and Women Another rare book, by Spider Webb. If your into old photos this has what your looking for.
Modern Primitives : An Investigation of Contemporary Adornment & Ritual (Re/Search ; #12) A very popular book among tattooist,piercers and collectors.Covers a lot of issues . Could shock you if you haven't been around the body modification scene.I love the interview with our good friend Capt. Don.
Marks of Civilization : Artistic Transformations of the Human Body In depth and written for university studies , the subjects are fascinating and cover a broad spectrum.
Pierced Hearts and True Love : A Century of Drawings for Tattoos Any project involving D.E. Hardy is required reading .This is a collaboration involving Margo Demello,Alan B.Govenar,Don Ed Hardy, Michael McCabe,and Mark C. Taylor.If you don't even like tattoos you will like this book. The artifacts featured within this book are still touring the worlds major metropolitan museums. Definitely a fine art book.
Flash from the Past : Classic American Tattoo Designs 1890-1965  Don Ed Hardy. Good ole flash to refresh the artist within.
Tibetan Thangka Painting : Methods and Materials  Great resource book for a different angle on composition &  design .
Tao Magic : The Secret Language of Diagrams and Calligraphy Resource for helping you understand all that squiggly stuff we've been putting on people for years.
Sacred Calligraphy of the East Either helpful in your calligraphy comprehension or impress your friends and get laid by spiritual types.
Art Forms in Nature Helpful when you been in the studio to long and you need to come up with a design from the great outdoors.

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